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Press "Play" at the top of each page, and then you can read along as I present it to you. That is how I have designed this website and how I think the book will be most enjoyed.

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If you are interested in buying the book for yourself, or as a gift, or whatever, I am willing to re-print copies of the book for the original price I sold them for back in 2002, at $5 each + $1 for postage and handling. I can sign it to whoever you like as well, if you like. Email me

About & Credits:
A Flower Unfolds... was originally self published in 2002.

Besides some slight graphic cleanup for the internet, the content is the same and mainly scanned from the print original. The book was written for people that tend to put up a wall of cynicism and maybe don't see themself as too beautiful, but I know that inside they are the MOST precious and beautiful, to be discovered like a flower that unfolds.

The original pages were printed in 2002 with a Toshiba P321 dot matrix printer and typed up on a Tandy 2000 computer. The "crying poinsettia" drawing was done with colored pencils by myself in 1996 during a spring lunch at high school. Individual was jackhammered on a word processor in 1995 during high school study hall in the computer room. The "sad but true" was drawn by myself in 2001 for my poetry postcard mailing list I did back then.

The website itself was entirely scanned, typed up, uploaded and recorded by myself on the single night of October 26, 2009. Yes... I'm fast and I'm good...

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Out Of Fuel

Out Of Fuel

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